Scarica The General 1926

  • Title: The General
  • Release year: 1926
  • Movie genres: Action; War; Romance; Comedy
  • Director:
  • Actors: Jim Farley, Tom Nawn, Charles Henry Smith, Frederick Vroom, Frank Barnes, Buster Keaton, Glen Cavender, Mike Donlin, Joe Keaton, Marion Mack
  • Movie length: 107 min.

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The General movie is a pretty cool movie, filled with much of great moments. A picture of acceptable level that I watch lots of times and enjoy every time. I think this kind of picture should be watched in the cinema. Artists team well picked and I think all actors fit well with the roles also successful in acting. Visuals compared to 2000s gorgeous, feels like creators spent a lot of money on the movie. I'm not very happy with lots of scenes but it was nevertheless pleasing. Also, the story line is a bit complicated. A picture that I would suggest if you plan to have fun in your free time! This film, The General of 1926 year definitely makes people who watch it impressed about it! We recommend you to start watching the film getting so many great impressions about it! Sometimes it is funny and there are some times with very deep ideas, it is wonderful. The acting of Jim Farley, Buster Keaton, Frederick Vroom, Joe Keaton makes it even greater. Just believe us that it is one of the best of all actions in Comedy niche and that you would regret that it lasts just 107 minutes wishing to watch more of it in the end. Don't wait. Go and begin watching The General movie right now. Do not forget to bookmark this movie page.

Why was that bad? Imho it is a very fair film, it was not original, there were fun minutes in story, its quality is actually nice. I loved it! The General Comedy movie was created in 1926. Jim Farley, Buster Keaton made this movie so great to see. Just my imho. The story is a truly funny story with much of superior action. Have any comments? Submit them in our form. You have to sign up.