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  • Title: The Three Avengers
  • Release year: 1964
  • Director: Gianfranco Parolini
  • Actors: Sergio Ciani, Mimmo Palmara, Rosalba Neri, Carlo Tamberlani, Gianni Rizzo, Vassili Karis, Nello Pazzafini, Enzo Maggio, Arnaldo Dell'Acqua, Giuseppe Mattei, Gianfranco Parolini
  • Movie length: 97 min.
  • Movie genres: Action; Adventure; Comedy

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You should not waste time checking up this film, The Three Avengers because it is the worst of actions of Comedy genre. The Three Avengers is released in 1964 year and it did not bring a lot of money or got high ratings because the level of the film is lower than average. Even nice acting of Giuseppe Mattei does not make it more interesting. But, of course, if you don't know what to do and are not interested to think about something serious then you are able to waste 97 m of your life on The Three Avengers. Do you really need to watch #1 movie this evening? The Three Avengers will be very interesting for all real lovers of Comedy genre. It is great and all the stuff here looks very great. On this site u will find great acting of your favorite celebrities like Giuseppe Mattei, Gianfranco Parolini, Nello Pazzafini, Arnaldo Dell'Acqua, Vassili Karis who are really professionals and definitely know the class in acting. Yes, some scenes are long and boring and that's why the length of the action in 97 m. But it is the problem of director of the tape, nor the actors. So, if u want to see some nice long action of year 1964 then The Three Avengers is before u! The movie has mostly all the features of the best picture. It has a bizzare location, a fresh crispy script, a lot of fun, and a fantastic image. Despite the lack of either the script writers or creator to create wonderful characters, the script, action and drama were enough to move the picture to where it would be entertaining. I think you will like The Three Avengers flick. Good luck. 8)

This movie is a pretty decent movie, that filled with lots of great action.

You will definitely get tons of great feelings and will like acting of Enzo Maggio, Carlo Tamberlani, Arnaldo Dell'Acqua during watching The Three Avengers, one of the best of all Comedy films of 1964. The idea of The Three Avengers is cool and acting of Enzo Maggio makes it so alive and so cool. Our rate of the film is 10 from 10 and we recommend everybody to start watching it now! There are only 97 min that will bring you so many of great positive impressions.

The Three Avengers picture belongs to Comedy genre and was produced in 1964. :) Groovy character of the The Three Avengers gonna make you feel satisfied while streaming the picture. You should watch it with family online. Actors like Enzo Maggio, Carlo Tamberlani, Arnaldo Dell'Acqua made the picture really so great. Conclusion, The Three Avengers picture is truly one of the best picture in Comedy genre in 1964. Movie length is 97 minutes.

Mainly it is a really captivating movie. Don't wait a perfect plot or good acting or a good script because that's not what this film is about. If you just need to sit and just watch a movie on a Sunday evening just to have a quiet evening then this can be a excellent option.

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